Staff Training Schedules

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Staff Training


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With over 100 staff training courses available, where should you start?

You will find below several suggested staff training plans
which can be used in your center.

We are continuing to add new courses and
expand the materials available for each course,
so check back soon to see what is new.


Click on the Schedules below to see the recommended courses in each plan.

New Staff Orientation (for all staff)

Basic Training - Residential Program Staff

Teacher Training - Group Studies for New Christians

Teacher Training - Personal Studies for new Christians

Administrative Staff Training - Leadership

Administrative Staff Training - Office Staff

Executive Leadership

Program Staff Training - Counselors

Program Staff Training - Work Therapy staff

Non-Residential Programs Staff Training

On-going Staff Training


For quick tips on how understanding the numbering system used on the Staff Training Schedules, click here


More information on these suggested training schedules for your staff

    These suggested plans do not include all the 100+ courses now available on this website. You are free to add to or change the courses included in these training plans, based on the needs of your staff.

    A sample certificate is available for you to award to all staff who complete each of these training schedules or modules. A link to the certificate is at the bottom of each training schedule. Feel free to personalize these for your own ministry

    In all the courses listed in these suggested Staff Training Schedules, both the Topic and the Course are listed.


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